★ The Secret World ★ – Illuminati – Gameplay Part 1


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Storyline Part #1 – Introduction
Getting to know the Illuminati. Still kind of confusing.
Storyline gets interesting tho 🙂

0:23 At the Laundromat cutscene
3:51 Underground Maze
6:22 Alarm! And the weird doctor

Full Secret World playlist

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  1. And if they get taken down or you have trouble creating uploading etc then you know your on the right track

  2. Please do more exposure vids like this also if you have more like this maybe group them into a playlist ( all terms are synonymous: 1% , nwo , elite. , globalist. , deepstate. , cabal. , illuminati )

  3. I know it's Superfluous to mention it here, but, I wish you would have spent time exploring the dialogue, especially since it's all voiced in the same fashion as SWTOR. One of the biggest draws for me to this MMO is the Universe/Setting/And Lore. Was hoping to see more of that explored (to be fair I haven't gotten too far ahead so perhaps you do take the time) Regardless, the reveal of the Illuminati Facility was pretty awesome, and the doc was hilarious. Can't wait till you meet Ms. Geary.


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