✍️ Game Grumps Animated: Appropriate Story


here’s a short story about my slow arse:
i wanted this thing done for the end of OCTOBER. this tardiness is obscene, please don’t look at me
still i am pleased with this. i’m so happy with how far i’ve come since my first cartoon!
although apparently i still haven’t gotten the hang of the aspect ratio, which hurts me. Also, hair movement is still a mighty beast i do battle with.
next time i do a cartoon, i will do this thing called CHARACTER SHEETS first, instead of drawing a random face and thrashing it into life. i feel my life will only become far easier for it!

also also, i am thinking of making Psyduck tshirts (to sell at my society6) like the one ~Michelle~ wears in this, lemme know if that is what you’re into!

starring episodes:
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Mario Sunshine

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  1. for the first one, I'm a girl and I did not know anyone in existence had done that until now. holy fuck I wonder what other secrets they're hiding

  2. When ur a girl I feel like if you have huge Boob's you try to suck your nipples at least once in your life… Me being as flat as a table I can't do that…

  3. That "Go ooooonn!" is the part that killed me. The sheer elation with which he says those two words is just too much for me lol

  4. Arin shocked Dan with a club about showing each other their dicks and sword playing and Dan shocked Arin by injuring his neck in attempts to suck himself off

  5. when arin says OH MY GAWD, he looks like that guy who thinks he knows what it's like being drunk, and is trying to pretend

  6. Omg I LOVE the animation style of this! It’s really beautiful! Keep up cause I love this stuff!

  7. This was funny when I was like 13 not knowing what any other this stuff was but now I’m 16 this shits more funny


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