🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Basics – Particles: Essentail game magic


Particles in Game Maker tutorial. Learn the basics concept of particles to create great effects.

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  1. Holy s*** man, this is awesome! Honestly videos like these for GMS are rare. You deserve more subscribers like 500k+. Thank you. 😀

  2. I came for particles, but found this tutorial useful because it answered another question I had – whether I could use custom colours instead of the GMS-defined colours (c_navy). The fact that you gave an example and mentioned the colour-picker tool as the source for this was really helpful. And I appreciate the breakdown of how to create particles, big help understanding them better! Thank you!

  3. I know some others raised issues about the loudness of the background music, but I'd like to mention that I really like the music choice. It gave me a cheesy smile while learning about particle systems.
    Thanks for the video! I look forward to seeing what else you make 🙂

  4. If i were to have multiple particles happening simultaneously, would it be best to load them at once, or load one, and load another when needed?

  5. Great tutorial! I love all the videos you've produced so far, and can't wait to see more! One small note: part_emitter_destroy checks for two arguments: the particle system, then the particle emitter. I didn't get particles all that well until this video. Thank you!

  6. I enjoyed the tutorial but if I may say, I think the background music needs to be more in the background. I had a difficult time hearing you in some spots.

  7. Thanks for video, really help. But what put a bg music? Also your voice is low respect music. It distract me when i listen you. Please consider remove music for your videos.

  8. I really enjoyed this, but I feel they should have shown me exactly which events they should have been placed it!


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