6 BEST Free Strategy Games on STEAM


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►00:00 War Selection

►02:02 Zero-K

►04:03 Soldiers Arena (Men of War II: Arena)

►06:02 Empires Apart

►08:01 Offworld Trading Company

►10:05 Call to Arms (stopped being Free to Play since October 2019)


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  1. I played some Game Selection last year (2019) and like the way the Stone Age and Bronze Age plays out. I didn't realy like the way the game flows to late game, feels strange and messy. Someone else felt the same way?

  2. My sister read a good tut to grab codes by looking for " steam yadakjoo " and it is working yet.😱
    Feel free to use.🧐

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  4. Zero K is amazing! And its free! I used to play "earth 2100 the moon project" and i could find any game so goood in RTS genre! Finally found one!

  5. I strongy recommend you eRepublik – it's a strategy game.
    Feel free to join in! 😉

  6. Hey guys. I want to share with you wonderfull strategy game call Tales of Eightrivers. In this game you can create your own town do all thing with strategy and kill defeat other nations ! So what are you waiting for ? Go download game and start your adventures now !! 🙂 https://chanfort.itch.io/tales-of-eightrivers?download

  7. it was more correct to write "best free rts on steam". Because best strategy on steam is Battle for Wesnoth of course)


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