Acuris – a game-changer in fixed retention


Acuris is a game-changer in fixed retention. Instead of cement or screws, it uses friction retention. This saves time, simplifies the procedure and all it takes to secure the final crown is a single click using our unique and newly-designed Fixation Tool.
With Acuris, placing the final crown takes seconds rather than minutes. There is less risk of failure or biological complications too. Another advantage is that you never lose a screw. And, with no screw access holes to fill, esthetics can be improved too. Finally, Acuris is a fixed retention, but can be retrieved for extra-oral cleaning or maintenance by the dentist. The conometric concept was invented by Dr. Marco Degidi. He worked closely with a select R&D team from Dentsply Sirona Implants evolve the original invention into Acuris. The original innovation has been refined, changed, improved and updated to meet the rigid quality requirements of Dentsply Sirona Implants. As part of the development, Acuris has been thoroughly tested and the results indicate that it makes restorations more streamlined, more repeatable and helps clinicians achieving predictable, high-quality results.

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