Ark: Survival Evolved ~ S3 Ep 76 ~ PVP Base Improvements!


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  1. A cool and sneaky idea would be to put like walls ontop and infront of the wall , then put a turret inside of it. So basically the turret can be only seen on the inside , and would shoot the enemy when they got thru the wall 🙂

  2. should do a spiked wall between the walls and off set the doors so they don't have a direct path in
    Also keep in mind spiked walls can hurt your dino's

  3. i have an idea, build a couple of stone foundations with metal walls for raiders to hide behind, but, have remote controlled explosives on the side of foundations, that would surprise them lol

  4. Raptors may be good for the pvp considering you can put saddles on them. Just a thought.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. xb tame a bunch of dodics and line them up in front of your wall and encumber them and put them on aggressive. Also for more defence make some towers with plant species. well alot

  6. you should put the gate on the other side so if someone wants to come in from the gate
    that will help you in several ways and like stop the attacker and stop the attacker fro getting big dinosaur in and he has to break throe the wall which is better and put gates in front of the wall because they have so high health awesome episode anyway

  7. put one cieling on the places for your aggressive dinos and have a plant species on it, that way it counteracts the blocked turrets

  8. Maybe you can get a Kairuku army, because they are really strong in groups. Not only in the water, but also on land

  9. Overburden your doed. set it on aggressive. set all the dinos on neutral and on follow. that way, when the server resets, your dinos dont run away on you. They would just be on neutral. You just need 1 aggressive dino to trigger Neutral dinos.

  10. You can probably check to be sure, but I don;t think a trike will fit under a two high ceiling. Might need to bring it up to three high or use just the smaller dinos.

  11. xB, for basic defensive maps, they all follow a similar rule, to create a funnel that allows more damage to be done and manipulate where enemy dinos would be forced to go

  12. Carnos would work as great defense, they are smaller than a t rex so you can have more and they are almost as powerful

  13. Get a pack of terror birds going and youll be surprised at how effective they are, they are weak but are really fast and attack really fast, i use them as pve base defense and they can easily take out an alpha raptor or carno no problem

  14. You could put some Dilos in with the Trikes, Direwolves , and Sabers, to blind people whilst they are being attacked.

  15. I remember there were some giant turrets get some of them they are not auto but they sure would help with the snipe they came on the catapult update.


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