Assassin's Creed Odyssey – All Mythical Creature Boss Fights (AC Odyssey)


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – All Mythical Creature Boss Fights (AC Odyssey)

A walkthrough of all the Mythical / Mythological Creatures boss fights in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (AC Odyssey). You fight these during the story in order to collect the artifacts.

The fights in this video have been done on normal difficulty.

Mythical Creature Timeline:

[0:00] Cyclops
[3:41] Sphinx
[7:15] Minotaur
[11:03] Medusa


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  1. 0:22
    Empedokles:"outstretch ur mighty hands and AND RAISE ME TO THE HEAVEN
    Cyclops:*smashes him to the underworld*

  2. Not much people prolly like ac games like this but I think that this stuff is cool and Ubisoft should keep doing it

  3. Not much people prolly like ac games like this but I think that this stuff is cool and Ubisoft should keep doing it

  4. I felt bad for all of the creatures I fought honestly. They were all isolated and lonely, just to serve their purpose to keep artifacts hidden.

  5. Is this even assassin’s creed anymore?? Origins had boss battles against Egyptian gods and now I’m fighting cyclops?? I’m baffled 🤣🤣

  6. Which was the hardest one for you guys?

    Hardest: Medusa, I died two times because of her turning to stone ability

    Easiest: Cyclops, he’s really easy to damage

  7. Everyone saying “remember when assassins creed was about stealth” but you don’t realize that only stealth games as the old ones were are boring to play. But whatever I’m sure you had so much fun stalking around

  8. People are complaining that ac games are no longer historical or realistic but if you take out the missions for Atlantis where you kill the mythical beasts it's truly the most historically accurate as this is probably the first one to represent historical figures accurately plus the regions are correct, the politics, the people and what they worship but most of all the buildings and statues where nearly picture perfect even historians have complimented them

  9. Let me know when we get a true Assassin's Creed with Desmond continuing the story that was originally told. Because this ain't it.

  10. This game is the one set the furthest away from the present, of course the first civilization's babies are still around

  11. honestly i miss the old AC games, the first 4 games were god tier compared to nowadays ACs

    the core of the series vanished from Desmond's death, black flag lore and overall system it's still great, unity loot/level up system is pretty fine. but i dislike so much the newer system from origins/oddyssey.. from the gameplay, to the RPG system, it all feels so wrong imo. (i love MMORPG and RPGs in general, but i'm so attached to the old assassin's creed games and honestly id doesn't fit at all in the new titles)

    i'll probably never finish those games.

  12. If they're going this route, might as well just make a new Prince of Persia game, like damn it man, they don't have to milk the franchise by adding monsters to AC, this could pretty much be a Prince of Persia game

  13. For all saying there shouldn’t be these creatures in this game This was 2-500 years after Odysseus and Penelope and the game did a great job added these features in the game and I congratulate them you can even find The ruins of Penelope bed which she used to test Odysseus to see if he was fake Anyways gods and some demigods are immortal so it does make sense I just really wish you can find Scylla and the char

  14. So technically the assassins from odyssey are the strongest assassins if u really compare it to the feats in the other games😂


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