Building the ULTIMATE IKEA Gaming Setup


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We try and build the ultimate gaming setup using as many parts from Ikea as possible!

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High


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  1. If you set the Task Manager's refresh speed at high and perfectly time it with the intro you can see something interestion… they match! Whoever made the LTT intro must have made this intentionally, who else thought of this? TRY IT!

  2. I have the IKEA FREDDE desk, it's awesome, I got a 27 inch monitor with a 24 inch secondary on the right and integrated wireless charger.

  3. Must be nice to have money for having that powerful gaming pc. I am using a Acer TC -865-UR14 from Walmart.

  4. This was a complete fail. I would have fired him for wasting your money and not doing his research. Fail in so many ways.

  5. What a Horse shit It’s garbage seriously for $800 you could’ve done way better. why are you guys always Cheap shit from IKEA. You can do 10 times better on offer up craigslist or just have someone build it for you for cheaper than $800 from the garbage you buy from IKEA

  6. Linus lost a lot of cred points when her advertised mvt watch at the end. Linus. this brand in terms of watches is like gaming pc bought on aliexpress….shame on you.


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