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Classic Game Room reviews the PS VITA from Sony! It’s the Neon Orange PS Vita model PCH-2000, a Japanese PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita is beloved by fans around the world yet failed to become the commercial success that Sony hoped for. Maybe this is good news for you because Vita prices are down and the game library is incredible!

Hook up your Vita to the Internet and play your collection of PS4 games using the Vita’s handy remote play feature. It will even remote play your PS3 and a pile of PlayStation 1 games.

Mark’s PlayStation Vita is the bright Neon Orange Japanese model. Watch it play Vita games like Earth Defense Force 2 and Killzone Mercenary in this PS Vita YouTube review.


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  1. There are smart phones that wipes it's ass with the Vita. It's still a decent system though. I use mine as a PlayStation Classic portable.

  2. I just received my brand new aqua blue ps vita from Japan and 13 games,Nykon power grip,Hori remote play assist, Hori elite pack, travel case,32 gb memory card,screen protectors,thumb grips, and I'm debating on whether or not I should get the superman vinyl skin wrap for it…

  3. It's really not expensive. IF you compare it to something like a phone at the time, it's price to performance is outstanding.

  4. I can't stop bragging lol…I just bought a ps vita slim in amazing shape (not a single scratch on the front!), with 8 games…AND a 32gb memory card…for $75! So freaking cool! lol

  5. I bought a Vita….very impressive it can handle Metal Gear solid 3 and such. But to me it didn't have any fun games really. I was bored with it and got my money back. PSP was much better.

  6. I come from nintendo saying this is amazing, but the memory card is ridiculous. I have two oled vitas; one in white and black. A ps vita 2000 in black, and literally just ordered a neon orange ps vita. I am addicted, but that memory card. The modded vitas are amazing.

  7. If it where Americanized it would have been called the PSP Life because vita is life in Italian. How are the Italians involved in this? It's beyond me but that my friend is worth going to war over.

  8. Again digital games for the 3ds are super expensive. Digital Vita games are dirt cheap.

    That $140 for the 64 GB memory card pays itself off just for the digital games discounts you get off the ps store.

  9. Sony you killed my dreamcast, the unresponsive gameplay, muddy graphics ps2 piece of crap go throw your vita toys in the bin. I was Triggered


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