Date Night Drinking Game – Friday Night Fun! S3E16


Need a date night idea? Steal Mine! – Season 3 Episode 16
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Thought we would have a little fun this weekend! Please enjoy, steal and most importantly. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! Free Date Night Idea!!!!!

“Our parodies are for fun, our adventures are our life and this is our lifestyle! Sit back, grab a vodka on the rocks, some tea in a mug, a monster in a can, some tacos! and enjoy at your own risk!” – FC Out


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  1. that is a pretty solid drinking game for a date night dude! especially the outfits, it shows that you put in some thought 😛 hope the night went wild and fun guys! cheers! 😀

  2. Hi David and Shae" ha ha ha whooo good game Shae" glad to see you guy's having fun way to get hammered quick 😂😂😂 hey it work's for me well you to are do good together well you to have a very good day 👍👍👍 C😎😎L


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