Diggity Dog Family Board Game


Butch and I have fun checking out an older game called Diggity Dog. The game is perfect for Butch because even though he does not realize, he is a dog! Maybe one day he will realize that! The game is really easy to play, just push down on mom and she will bark the number of moves each puppy makes. Then you travel around the board and check under each bone for the color of your puppy.

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  1. Hey there! I hope you're having a great day. Thanks for stopping by todays video. Butch and I get to play the game Diggity Dog. If you love games, check out this playlist

  2. i think people who may watch your 10-year anniversary video next year will think your channel is 11 years old instead of 10 bevause it says "since 2009" on your channel
    also i graduated from high school last month ^_^

  3. I used to watch theses all the time and I just came back. I love it keep up the good work and tell butch I missed you guys

  4. Buch i missed you even tho i pressed the bell it never came up I thought you left me puppy but I found you so big belly scratches and treats

  5. i used to watch his channel everyday omg.. im gonna cry i miss this so much its sad that he isnt getting the recognition he deserves anymore

  6. I miss this channel and butch soooooooo much, I used to watch this channel EVERYDAY then I stopped. I came back looking at my subscriptions and saw this, INSTANT NOSTALGIA your channel brought me so much joy I'm glad nothing has changed, this channel gives me good memories and, still does 🙂

    -An old subscriber

  7. Hi lucky penny shop can you do the Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo from 2016 and you are going to need a tablet or I pad

  8. this reminds me of the ultra-specific board games i would always get at christmas. we would only play them once, and then they went in the back of the games closet because monopoly was more fun.

  9. It’s been years since I watched this channel and still the same classic intro and your voice sound the same as well

  10. Do you still have both Playskool musical activity centers? If so, can you do updated videos featuring all the songs on them?


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