[Eng Sub] Japanese Batsu Game No Laughing Funny Immigration Scene


Quite an oldie, but still a classic.

Gaki no Tsukai comedians: Hamada Masatoshi, Matsumoto Hitoshi, Tsukitei Hosei, Endo Shozo, Tanaka Naoki

Guest starring Jimmy Onishi as an African American

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Japanese game show / gakinotsukai / gaki no tsukai / waratte ha ikenai / english subtitles / offensive / I didn’t make it / I only made the subtitles 絶対笑ってはいけない わらってはいけない 笑ってはいけない ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで! かなり やばい 草 爆笑 何年続けられるの 元気やね 面白い おもろい 英語字幕 勉強になるかも 知らんけど 松本人志 浜田雅功 月亭方正 遠藤章造 山崎邦正 ココリコ 田中直樹 田中 遠藤 方正 松本 浜田 閥ゲーム

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  1. As a black person, I don’t know what to think about that. This funny as fuck. And in Japan they don’t have the same history regarding black face. So i don’t really think it is offensive but for some people they will be really offended and I can kinda understand. But just enjoy it, that it. Have a nice day😁

  2. Just a quick disclaimer. I didn't mean to upset anybody by subtitling this. A lot of video footage from this 90s program is poor quality, which I find difficult to subtitle, however this particular clip was alright so I chose to go with it. You must remember this show was first aired in the 90s in Japan, where even now, people say racist things unknowingly all the time. For people who think BLM hasn't made it to Japan yet, it has. This is all in Japanese, but here is a link to a Japanese BLM support website: https://blmjapan.carrd.co/


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