Fallout4, Mia Steelfist. Let's play EP01 – Character creation and first brawls


Mia Steelfist is based on a build, that relies on the fists alone, no weapons! An unarmed brawler build that is enormously fun to play. Dare I say the most fun build I’ve yet to try… So this build works very well, and LOOKS very awesome with the muscular appearance…

Mods I’m using:
– Female muscle normal maps for Jane Bod body replacer
– Jane Bod -JB- Rev
– JB – Hmm What To Wear
– BodySlide and Outfit Studio
– Gloves of the Commonwealth
– Grasslands
– Craftable Ammunition
– Dead Body Collision
– Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks
– Legendary Modification
– Longer Power Lines
– Simple Intersection
– True Storms – Wasteland Edition
– Armorsmith Extended
– Commonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdos – ApachiiSkyHair
– deLuxe Makeup
– Get Out Of My Face (Push Away Companions and NPCs)
– Remote Explosives – C4 with Detonators and More
– Give Me That Bottle

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  1. Thank you for posting what you used, unlike some people who don't do this and leaving us wondering what the hell mods you used. Props!

  2. Im not really into blondes, but I have to say, nice job with the character creation… that was up until you left the creation with your character having biceps that rivaled Arnold S.. The gameplay was awesome though! Nice vid!

  3. Using a baton doesn't make u a brawler. Why the fuq does everyone who advertises an unarmed build, keep picking up weapons. FUQING CHRISTO!


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