Game Maker Studio: Let's Build Color Master #1


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Programming Tutorial


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  1. please help the player doesnt turn back when i go look:draw_sprite_ext(sprite_index, image_index, x, y, facing, 1, 0, c_white, 1);
    thats mine code

  2. What's wrong with my player? I just got done with the movement and collision code and now my player is not present inside the level. Yes I checked in the room, it's still there. Idk why this is happening.

  3. Could you please help me?? For some reason the "wrong color at wrong block" action only works when i would jump on it, if i were to slide on it without jumping on it the action wouldn't work

  4. What language is in gamemaker studio? Is it its own "gamemaker" language or another language such as a form of C

  5. I love your videos! I am going to learn more about game maker and GML coding. I am going to make a game similar to this, and add more "features"/mechanics.

  6. Hey, I just want to thank you for your GML tutorials. Not that other tutorial channels are bad, but yours has filled me in on a lot of information that they had left out. Most importantly the way with which you use scripts and arguments together. I hadn't ever seen any tutorials explaining that. It is pretty much the most useful thing I've learned in GML. That exact thing helped me overcome something I've been trying to do for months. So, thanks again!


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