Game Maker Studio: Let's Build Color Master #2


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I’m the founder of that hosts high quality, fun to learn and straight to the point course material for game developers. I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my content.

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Have fun learning!


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  1. I re-did the art for this game, here's the link to the file :

  2. Uhh That's weird… OK so im creating a game that looks EXACTLY like that, but the thing is, i started developing it a month ago… So just so you know I AM NOT COPYING your game, it's just a huge coincidence. (you can check my upload date on my video if you don't believe me)

  3. Hey realtuts can I make this and when we're done with the series can I post it on steam or game jolt for free. so I won't be making any money. But it would be cool for me to have some experience in dealing with all that so I can make my own original games later. And I will give credit to you if you do allow me to post it on steam or game jolt. Thank you and keep doing what your doing

  4. Random thought, I think it would be neat to be able to pile the crates and push the bottom block and make the whole stack move.

  5. Can you teach us how to make games like Geometry Dash in Java? Or any 2D platform game where levels are randomly generated with spikes etc and you have to jump over them?


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