Gunship Real Helicopter War Strike: Commando Games


The US island occupied by terrorist squad and they cross all the limits of cruelty on the innocent peoples. This is the big challenge for the US army to take charge of the island by eliminating the terrorist and their camps there. The situation becoming uncontrolled and army needed the help of air force commandos and they call for help to army head office.
This is the largest air-strikes gunship modern real war between the criminals and US airforce helicopters in the new free action games 2018. In this smart helicopter missile fixation aircrafts game you need to be very careful because the enemies are attacking from all around in this helicopter fighting game 3d 2018. The apache helicopter thunder fighter’s raid will help you to destroy the terrorist camps to rescue the island and save the civilians life in this helicopter flying best action games.
There are multiple unique and thrilling missions in this fighter quick airplane new action game of this year 2k18. You have to destroy the terrorists and their hiding places to clear the island area by helicopter insane shooting in this addictive and curious game 3d. You will be awarded with cash at the successful completion of every level. And you will be able to buy new helicopters and also can unlock new heli guns to make you more powerful in this counter to terrorism real war 2018.
Game Features:
 Multiple Helicopters selection
 Helicopter guns selection
 Multiple threatening challenging levels
 Realistic Sound effects
 HD graphics and amazing 3D gameplay
 Absolutely free to play
Let’s download and play this crazy gunship battle and don’t miss the opportunity to play this thrilling counter terrorist modern action game for free. The user’s feedback to improve the quality of our games will be highly appreciated.


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