HILARIOUS DRUNK COMPILATION | Funny Anime Drunk Moments #3 | いろんなアニメの酔ったシーン集


If there’s one thing you can learn from this video, it’s at 10:49.
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  2. Yall sleeping on the fact that Lucy is affectionate to everyone when shes drunk but shes EXTRA thirsty when its Natsu?

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    හෝර්සා තිරය දෙස බලාතනි කහ වාමන තාරකාව මධ්‍යයේ දීප්තිමත් නොසැලෙන ආලෝක ස්ථානයක් ලෙස පෙන්වන අතර ග්‍රහලෝක තවමත් නොපෙනී යයි ඔහු තිගැස්සුනි කිසිවක් නැත පිටත කිසිවක් නැතකෙසේ වෙතත්

  4. me: oi why are little kids drinking (ΩДΩ)

    knock knock knock

    me: pffffft its not the fbi lol because FBI dont come into random people's places hahahahah dad probably ordered a pizza

    edit: oh you want it to continue?? here

    knock knock knock

    dad: son can you please get the door

    me: but thats your pizza you ordered

    dad: wHaT PizZa??

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  6. “This is a Fairy Tail state of emergency”. God, I laughed so hard at that part 😂


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