IGN Reviews – FIFA Soccer Vita – Game Review


IGN’s very own Daniel Krupa reviews the newest addition to the FIFA gaming franchise. Does FIFA Vita successfully recreate the FIFA experience on Sony’s new handheld or do the touch screen controls hinder the proper footballer experience?

Platforms: PlayStation Vita
Rating: E
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Online Play: 2 Versus

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  1. the front touch screen is crap in this game but the rear touch screen is awesome. I bought this for $5 recently and for somebody who is not into soccer that much or played a FIFA soccer game since 1998, I found this game to be awesome and easy to pick up and play

  2. What? I didnt even mention that in my comment dumbass I said its called FIFA Soccer in America and Football in UK

  3. FIFA 13 on the vita is a weird game. the touch screen play is just pointless and awkward. You fingers can't rest anywhere on the back of the console or you just blast a shot over the bar. I had to turn it off on the settings as its the most pointless and massive design fault. And in general the game is too easy. take a shot from outside the box and 8 times out of 10 it will go in. (on world class may i add)

  4. Idk how many time ive been insulted by a british person cause i called this soccer instead of football because im CANADIAN not british

  5. The majority of IGN's viewers are from the US and IGN is based in the US, so its pretty acceptable for IGN to call it that. Just because the rest of the world calls it something else (FYI I am american and don't agree with the fact we call it soccer) doesn't mean that IGN has to.


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