IGN Reviews – Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita – Game Review


IGN Editor Ryan Clements reviews the latest of the Hot Shots Golf series “World Invitational” on the PlayStation Vita. Does the new Hot Shots take advantage of the Vita’s tech to make a hole in one?

Release Date: February 14, 2012
Platform: Vita
Rating: E
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Clap Hanz
Genre: Sports
Number of Players: 1-30

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  1. This is what happens when you grow up being told you are special and receive participation trophies for everything you do… This is the best handheld golf game of all time, btw… Change my mind.

  2. Do you realize how real golf is? Hot Shots Golf is a great simulation of real golf in how tedious each shot can get. Was really looking forward to a decent review about this game only to hear that this guy can't play a golf game to save his life and takes his frustration out in an "objective" review.

  3. His very last word of the review of the game was "gross." I am glad that the amount of dislikes doubles the likes of this video as that I hope that anyone doesn't try this game because of this poorly shot, poorly written, typical IGN review.

  4. I do not "live, breath and eat Hot Shots", but I really love this game on Vita. It's the perfect game on the bus

  5. $4.72 on PSN right now until 8am 7/5/2016. The mechanics look exactly like Mario Golf, which is good. Without losing in a game, there is no challenge. As long as the controls are accurate and smooth it will allow for success.

  6. Just grabbed this on clearance for $5. Awesome and addictive game. Going into and staying in the collection.

  7. What a horrible review. "If I mess up I might not win" is essentially what I'm hearing through this whole review. It's golf.. what the hell do you expect?

  8. it's a good game but it's definetely a bit tougher than mario golf especially the putting aspect which is very unforgiving on slopes.

  9. Absolutely terrible review and score. "One wrong swing can tank your score", well no shit. This game is excellent, especially if you are a fan of the series. Loads of DLC, Great coarses, and fun golfers, pretty much everything you would want from a hot shots game. And what's that? It's only $13.75 in the PSN store, or $15.00 at Wal-Wart, or $10.00 at Gamestop. Simply must own on Vita

  10. Dude! That's how golf works hahaha 😛
    It requires planning and a lot of time, even for a game.

    thumbs down for this review 🙁

  11. Ive had the original everybodys golf for psp for 10 years now and I still haven't beaten the last 2 courses. This dude is complaining? I spent hours getting destroyed but still this game is so much fun. Don't blame the game for your shittiness.

  12. Its a game you play against yourself… its fun when you play online or with a friend its cool because you want them to do well even when you're losing. You are a very bad critic its crazy how bad! I'm not a fanatic but people just want to play simulators: Races that let you catch up, Shooters that are all boxed in and appealing to the eye but are not exciting gritty and fun… hey man these games are RARE you cant win every time at the beginning you must work for the system… where people are taught to spend time after work on a quick game that is fantastic and amazing but in the end the video game did not draw that person in maybe to play for 8 hours… like some games did when I was a kid. (I'm not referring to Hot Shots Golf) If IGN is dictating what people want to play well I have to say that pisses me off that we're supposed to believe in all these bad games with high reviews. Man this game is dirt cheap right now! AND I think they did a good job!

  13. I don't own this game, or a Vita for that matter, but I had to pipe in about how bad this review sucks. "I'm not good" and "this game is hard" are not useful information or a basis for rating a game. I'd love to see this guy's take on the old Links games by Access; he'd probably have a stroke. "I shot an 85 on medium difficulty. For failing to stroke my ego, this game earns a 2 out of 10."

  14. a lot of this review sounded like "Waaah I can't play the game, therefore it suuucks… Math is haaaard, you mean not all greens are straight, this game sucks.."

  15. From what I saw it's your problem not from the game itself, 
    How can you hit a perfect shot with that shaky press? 

    If you wanna fun with this spot please learn the basic of how to calculate.

  16. hahah, this review must be a joke… I mean seriously, if golf is not about planning ur every shot carefully, then what is it about then?

  17. Why doesn't this game direct my ball into the hole? I prefer expending little to no effort into the games I play. Challenge = GROSS. I agree with the review and also love to eat shit sandwiches for breakfast.

  18. I was able to complete HSG 3 and 4 fully when I was 4……. I guess it's just you, not the game's fault you don't know how to play the game…

  19. This guy must think the game us just supposed to help ya win!!! Golf IS planning, and making a strategy… If a shot is to hard… Lay up, and protect your score…. Sometimes patience is a better form of aggression!!! Horrible review!!!!


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