IKEA Gamer Desk Build


It was time for me to get a new desk for my computer and I ended up finding a simple, good looking one at IKEA. (no paid advertisement). I really like the way it turned out! And I hope this video helps you! The dimensions are 78″ by 24″ or 200cm by 60cm and the height is 28 and 3/4 inches or 73 cm. If you have any questions please ask!
And yes I know… I have an alienware computer instead of building my own. I will build my own next time around XD


Bendy Tripod




LED Strip

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Track: ANIK – Echo

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  1. Can you please tell me what are those small things on top of the Alex Draws and where do you get them from?

  2. How well does the desk sit on top of the drawers? Does it move around since its just rubber casters holding it in place?

  3. put the leg under the desk in the middle to stop bending. linmons are super thin particle board with cardboard inside, especially the long ones, with 2 monitors they will start to bend and snap.

  4. Love being able to push a button and stand up•ᴥ•>allmy.tips/ApexDesk?きj    . Much better than sitting all day. Love this desk!

  5. Currently looking into desks for my home studio and this looks like it has more than ample space for my Midi, keyboard and multitracker, Anyways I know ikea give their furnishings names so I was wondering if you could possibly tell me the name of the desk by chance please ?

  6. You should invest and a leg for the middle because after a few years that tables going to start sagging in the middle

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  8. Hey nice video, satisfying to see the final result! I have a question, because I'm getting a linnmon desk myself, does your black one get dusty? Like do you have to wipe it every now and then? Because some people say to get a white one because of dust, but idk. I would really appreciate if you answered, thanks!


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