Ikea Linnmon Stress Test


I was upgrading the tabletop to my desk and decided it would make a good video to see exactly how strong a “cheap” Ikea tabletop really was. I was really impressed with this Linnmon table, it held up better than I thought it would despite the fact that it is basically made out of cardboard! I would still recommend this desktop if you are building your own desk!
My desk, as seen in this video, is made of Ikea “Alex” drawers” and a “linnmon” top. I upgraded to a “Karlby” counter top.

Equipment Used


Keyboard (Corsair Strafe brown switch)

Mouse (Razer DeathAdder Expert)

Lighting Soft Boxes

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  1. This desk is a pile of reinforced TP 🤦‍♂️ Thank you for sharing this, saved me from wasting my money 👍🙏

  2. answers to both of your problems: get a mouse pad that covers more of you desk so the keyboard doesnt scratch 2: use the leg you were told to use

  3. the 200cm wide linnmon has place to fix legs in the middle, back side of the tabble, under the monitor, just sayin.


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