IMPROVING EFFICIENCY – Automation Empire Ep 6: (3D Factory Game) Let's Play


Is Automation Empire the next 3D Factorio??? Let’s find out! Enjoy my content? Support me on Patreon!

A huge thank you to DOG HOGGLER for providing me with a game key!

Release Date: 20 November 2019


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  1. Hello, I've been looking for a factorio alternative recently and I've seen your channel pop up a bunch. I was wondering if you or anyone here know any fun games that are like factorio. This game (automation empire) seems fun but I'm not really into an economy based game or colony/village sim game. (however microtown looks super fun) I just like the idea of minecraft having an automation mechanic and factorio captured that really well.. I've also seen Satisfactory which seems extremely fun/addicting but I might just wait for that to come to steam.. I'm sure I've already made up my mind But I digress, any suggestions would be super helpful and appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read about my gaming problems 😅✌🏻

  2. Love the videos I’ve watched a few people do this and I like your ya the best,plus you have a sexy voice 😂

  3. I would spread out the storage and put pipes between them, so the one at the end will be storing the most which will be fine due to its teh first one being drained from.

  4. The rail inefficiency is in the ratio of claws to trucks serviced—12 claws are servicing 3 trucks (3×6, 18 crates) apiece.

    Change the setup to run three rail loops servicing two trucks each (12 claws for 12 crates) and it should balance.

  5. Hey, thanks for the great content, I'm already hooked. I'm curious as I don't have this yet, if you had a handful of storage tanks connected together in a row, would you be able to have your gold loaded into the ends with two separate trains picking up from either side of the tanks.

    train track to profit
    out out out out
    gold in> tanks <gold in
    out out out out
    train track to profit

    That would be forty mine cars delivering.

  6. Oooof… could just tell the first couple of transfer pipes in the gold factory to 'skip X' number of cars….get more access to that one silo that just doesn't have an opportunity to unload! Stop the bleeding of gold!

  7. I just wonder if, during the times you are angry with yourself, do you call yourself a cow? Or others even? Because we do call people a buffalo if they're being slow or dumb.

  8. 8:30 .. oh and btw, dead center of the screen, waaaay tiny, your gold is still being thrown in the dumper… 🤖
    9:25 Aha! You've spotted it…

  9. Did you know that you can put blockers on the overhead rail that will keep the claws bouncing back and forth until they load an entire truckload?

  10. Why don't you have 4/5 carts loaded at the same time? If you would tell the first loader to load every 4th cart, 2nd one should load every 3rd one and so on.

  11. Sad times for a few episodes. i have been laughing for 2 episodes now seeing those gold carts ending up in the trash.

  12. Si usas un deposito en cada mina y luego desde ahi extraes el material, almacenaras y utilizaras muchisimo mas. Tus vagonetas iran completas y no casi vacias siempre.

  13. I feel like the transportation would be better from the factories to the trucks if you ran double tracks. Feed the crates into a large storage (pipe that to others if need be) and then put train lines on both sides of the container with multiple spouts. Same system at both ends.
    O-O-O-O-O- <–feed
    Could you also pump between each large container in each direction, in the hope that it equalises and balances the stored capacity between connected units?

    I havent even been playing this and im finding its weird limitations to be frustrating, and hard to tell if they're done that way because its easier than doing the clean solution (ala Factorio) or because it adds a puzzle aspect, sadly im leaning towards it being the shortcut way, and all this has done is make me want to go back and play Factorio. This could so easily have been a 3D Factorio-lite.

  14. if you have one claw train picking up from two belts, and you want to pick evenly from both belts, you can set the first pick up point to skip one, so the claw train will pick up only half of the capacity from first belt, and other half from the second belt.
    p.s. I love your videos, can you please click on your refinery and check does it really take 13 seconds to refine gold I am not 100 sure and it drives me crazy

  15. Great series. It's great to watch someone who really understands the game!

    Also 6 episodes in 2 days is fantastic!

  16. You still have 10 drop off points over the trucks, you can shorten the track, using cheaper parts, and they'll unload faster since less travel tine, especially when you program them to skip 543210. Now they stop for every spot, and then they'll move along until they're all above an empty spot, and unload them all at the same time, in one go.
    Same goes for the gold loading, if you set it up so that they can load 4 carts at a time, you can do 12 carts in 3 goes, cutting down immensely on time. Easier than setting up another track.

  17. claw train speed and cart speed is meaningless if you are not running at max carts because it is just another "tank" in the line and at max carts, better to add another line instead (as you stated). You can set the cart loaders to "skip" to help distribute across all of them although I think it is more over production compared to truck loading capacity. You splitting the gold track and adding storage in the middle does not solve the problem of not enough shipping out capacity. Storage is only really holding production while waiting on a cart. "I need more trucks" I think was the right thought to solve.

  18. Trying do find out how much this game going to be on Steam? It not released till 20th Nov >_< suspense is killing me when I saw the vid of that game!!

  19. how far off are you from gold fuel? that could be something easy to setup from the new gold holding area just disconnect the 2 tanks, make the gold fuel from the gold in drop off tank and coal i think? then bring the gold fuel back to the pickup tank. boom x10 weight increase with minimal infrastructure change 😀

  20. I'd love to know what the inside of your brain is like lol I love these types of games with all the managing but I'm actually pretty bad at them (*dies a little inside*) but you take to them like a fish to water.

  21. make sure you check the way you face your pipes at your track change, then you can add 2 more there and have it flow trew all 4

  22. if I might respectfully suggest. In your gold smelting factory change over to large tanks and install pipe to balance the load across them all. you have space in that building to space them out. it will stop the end tanks fulling up and then destroying gold. Just a thought .

  23. only thing iam a bit worried is that map looks pretty small and there dont seem to be much to research… other than small stat bonuses… altho if there was a mod that would add endless upgrades that would be hilarious 😀

  24. to fix your gold issue where the full crates get dumped, set the train loading pipes on skip every 3, 2, 1, and 0 from the side the train arrives, that should empty them out evenly

  25. Hello Katherine,

    I was wondering, isn't it possible to create a loop for the empty crates to lead them back to the filling stations? That way you would need to create boxes only once, or they are not "reusable"?

  26. Tanks appear to load balance/keep equal amounts between them when connected with pipes regardless of pipe direction. If you connected all of the vats of gold in the factory with pipes, you would only need one output for optimal performance.


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