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My board game review of Restoration Games’ modernized version of the 1981 trick taking card game Dragon Master. Set the rule for the round and try to have your opponents break that rule to get Florins. Or turn the tables on the rule maker and shoot the moon by “sinning” for lots of florins!

Allegro (2-min Review) –

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  1. This game reminds me a lot of Hearts which my family has played for most of my life, maybe longer. My only real complaint abut the game (it's a nitpick) is that the gems are different colors even though they're all worth the same. Every time I teach the game, that question comes up, and I'd rather just have them all the same color and not have to worry about it to begin with.

  2. I can see how you were so wowed by the ring, that was a really cool component that could have easily just been cardboard or plastic. Very cool. Your eye looks super sore Dan, you look like you need a good rest (don't you love when random strangers on the internet essentially tell you you're looking rough? LOL Sorry, didn't mean it that way).


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