Little Big Workshop Ep 1: TINY WORKSHOP BIG DREAMS – (Factory Simulation Game) Let's Play


Let’s build a gigantic factory in Little Big Workshop, maybe big enough to rival ours on Nauvis! Download now!


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  1. I would love to put in a door … oh look I have a skill point to do so …. lets save it for later ……… lol wat?

  2. So how long before someone mods this game to make all the characters look like Asian children and call it "Little Big Sweatshop" ?

  3. I think this is the perfect KoS game. -It's an indy game, like most of KoS gameplays. -It looks so cute being on a tabletop with all those tiny people and things. -And you can build factories (like factorio ofc.) that thrive on efficiency. It even has a "lazy cat" reference in the woodglue. What more could you want 😀

  4. I've been binge watching this series as I cry myself to sleep because the publisher didn't grant me a key. I've really been enjoying the videos so far, keep em coming! 😍

  5. Damnit now I got that song stuck in my head… guess I'll go see if Little Shop of Horrors is on the tier of netflix I have or not 😀

  6. Hi Katherine, new to your channel, like your style! Helpful video as I just picked up the game myself and it's quite complex!

  7. I knew you'd be playing this!
    The game is pretty great! The logistics system could use some polish though 🙂
    I still have to watch your vids (doing it now) so sorry if you already figured this out yourself: But I found a great system for your workers recovery. Make hallways into a breakroom and place food/coffee every x amount of spaces. You cut back on "lost" walking time greatly instead of them having to go to a specific room. The workers will also always move to a bench/table after getting their food/coffee, so place them around aswel.
    Here's an example

  8. 14:02 – Clicking on the left icon here will allow you to change the process.

    Also, at 14:19 I've found that looking at that "1" or "2" is rarely analogous to the most profitable option. In this example, it's actually substantially more profitable to use Shelf Support A, which makes the shelf supports using a single casting process, rather than the Shelf Support B that you selected because you thought "1" was cheaper than "2". Shelf Support B requires first casting metal into rods, which then have to be bent, and then assembled into the shelf support, so it's a three step process. On top of that, Shelf Support B has a combined operation time of 21 hours, versus just 5 hours for Shelf Support A. So, it's very much worth examining these options more closely. 🙂

  9. Toy food recipe is really similar to rubber duck – basically it is like making 3 different rubber ducks and then assembling them together.
    38:30 The machine was not automatically repaired, it was reconfigured. When you plan the product you can see little gear wheel on the injection operation which tells you that reconfiguration needs to be done before the operation.
    This basically means that you cannot create two different products simultaneously on injection press because it is configured for only one of them.

  10. Oooh, this looks interesti-'you can't pause, so-' … well thats disappointing D= I'll watch anyway to see if its still worth buying, but not letting me pause and do things is a big hump for a strategy game to get over…

  11. I wonder how beneficial it might be to build certain items when workers and machines would otherwise be idle, and just keep them to sell later. Like your duckies.

  12. You can click on the chocolate bar to eat some and I think there's a couple of other hidden things! 😉

    Also, if you don't "batch" the orders, the billboards will put the entire set of instructions onto each workbench. So if you have 100 straight wood cut job, it'll put all 100 on 1 bench. This is good if you want to make multiple wood items or you have specialized machines that can do them faster.

  13. weeeee, not even watched, but this game is sooo fun. though grindy, at least for me. Still love it!!
    Did you like it Katherine?

  14. Haha, the calculator says "Hello" if you read it correctly 🙂 An old school trick to impress everyone 🙂

  15. You missed the 4th version of the shelf suspension (slider next to the list) which would have been just one wood operation. Those shelves are not too bad for the start without metal stations. You even rolled the list (mousewheel?) without taking notice.

  16. Ah I was looking at this game a few hours ago and wanted to look up a let's play. Now I can watch you play it, wooo 🙂

  17. When you said buildboard, I heard billboard. I first thought you needed to advertise your new factory's products.


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