Longplay of Beetle Adventure Racing


Longplay of Beetle Adventure Racing, played as the NTSC version on the Nintendo 64. This game’s version was released on Feb. 28th, 1999. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:25 – Opening
0:02:22 – Novice: Coventry Cove
0:10:02 – Novice: Mount Mayhem
0:17:42 – Novice: Inferno Isle
0:29:29 – Advanced: Coventry Cove
0:36:30 – Advanced: Mount Mayhem
0:43:53 – Advanced: Inferno Isle
0:53:48 – Advanced: Sunset Sands
1:03:39 – Professional: Coventry Cove
1:10:17 – Professional: Mount Mayhem
1:17:03 – Professional: Inferno Isle
1:26:38 – Professional: Sunset Sands
1:35:07 – Professional: Metro Madness
1:48:02 – Bonus: Coventry Cove
1:54:14 – Bonus: Mount Mayhem
2:00:38 – Bonus: Inferno Isle
2:09:13 – Bonus: Sunset Sands
2:16:54 – Bonus: Metro Madness
2:24:48 – Bonus: Wicked Woods
2:30:57 – Credits
2:34:33 – Showing off the Police Car

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  1. This is one of the most favored racing games for the Nintendo 64. There are only a few racing tracks and each racing track takes a long time to complete, 6 to sometimes 11 minutes. There are different shortcuts in each level so after playing around a bit you'll find the most efficient pathway you're also the most comfortable with.

    There are 4 modes, novice advanced professional and bonus. Each mode has one extra race track added and after completing each mode you unlock new cars which are better than the previous. Completing the bonus mode unlocks the police car which is crazy fast and I made sure to show it off too (see timecodes).

    You can earn credits by destroying boxes which give you an extra restart. For recording purposes, I cheated infinite credits so I could restart as many times as I wanted without restarting the entire championship.

  2. Did this game ever make anyone wanna have a Beetle when they got old enough to get a car? cause this game is the sole reason why I would wanna get one

  3. I knew I wasn’t crazy!!! I remembered this game!!! I played it when I was about 4-5 years old!! I’m 22 now, and for the first time in my life… I feel complete😭😭

  4. I remember playing this with some neighbour’s kids in my village in France because they had an old Nintendo 64, the nostalgia!

  5. I remember playing this game with my sister and having so much fun together. We always thought it was called Beatle Battle because of the game mode but we absolutely loved it.

  6. When i was 6 years old i like this game

    At 12 years old i went to play again

    Finaly 18 years old i got clear the game at 100%

  7. The nostalgia!!! I remember when I would play this, I wasn't really playing the game and trying to win, but I would just drive around and look at the title places!! Ahh the innocence of childhood…

  8. 1999 complete game
    2019 (possible remaster) buy the advanced pro and bonus circuit for 99.99$
    Unlock the alien y police car for 299.99$

  9. Definitely some of the most elaborate track designs for a racing game. So many branching paths and alternative routes I kept discovering new areas of the levels by accident.

  10. I used to play this game a lot with my mom and brothers, took turns racing or playing battle mode. God I miss those days, this game is very underrated but I’ll always love and have fond memories of it! 2019 and I still play it sometimes!

  11. Mount Mayhem was my favourite track. So much great sights, great music, and snow! This video has me debating on hooking up my N64 and firing this bad boy up

  12. My fav game as a kid lol use to get the cop bettle and never lose n bettle battle was the best! I didnt have a game pack could never save the game i would have to leave my 64 on or restart all over it sucked

  13. I remember my uncle had this game, I faintly remember the intro and the announcer saying “nice wheels!”
    I don’t know how I remember this, I think I was 3-5

  14. The beetles work perfectly after mortal abuse and crashing, but mine runs over a pebble and gets a check engine light


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