[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ Run


[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ Run

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BTS is releasing their 4th mini-album, [The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2]. In the previous mini-album [The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1] released in April, BTS has shown incredible growth and improvement and encouraging young fans all over the world. The second part of [The Most Beautiful Moment In Life] coming on November 30th completes the album series and BTS members will re-energize the music fans who are spending the most beautiful moments in their lives.

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방탄소년단이 네 번째 미니앨범 [화양연화 pt.2]를 발표한다. 4월 발매한 미니앨범 [화양연화 pt.1]으로 훌쩍 성장한 모습을 보여준 방탄소년단은 전세계 청춘들의 뜨거운 환호를 받았다. 11월 30일 공개하는 [화양연화 pt.2]는 청춘 2부작을 완성하는 앨범으로, 자신들처럼 ‘인생의 가장 아름다운 순간’을 살아가고 있는 또래 음악팬들에게 청춘의 찬란한 에너지를 전달한다.

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  1. This is my record of how the top-ranked BTS videos performed for the period July 10-11, 2020. The first set of numbers are for vi3w count and the ones in parentheses are their latest gains. I ranked this according to most-vi3wed the past 24 hours.
    BOY WITH LUV – 846,525,580 (1,329,986)
    STAY GOLD – 68,292,886 (1,227,474)
    DNA – 1,033,731,656 (758,000)
    IDOL – 696,837,977 (728,260}
    MIC DROP (Steve Aoki Remix) – 694,094,394 (684,700
    BLACK SWAN – 123,904,926 (601,689)
    ON Kinetic Manifesto – 214,377,205 (596,627)
    BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS – 600,961,152 (568,453)
    FAKE LOVE – 727,740,153 (558,686)
    ON – 161,524,553 (469,678)
    I must note, however, that vi3ws on ON appears to be decreasing the past week. Are the ARMYs getting tired of str3aming those MVs? I hope not. Let's continue supporting these videos, ARMY!
    12 Jul 2020; 3:13am, Philippines (136,571,399th v; 126,769th c; 2,477,936 Likes)

  2. Honestly I don't care how much time passes this song just makes me feel so free. It makes me forget about everything and just be in the moment. I love them so much forever thankful.

  3. Let's go Army ! 200M views ! Let's go!
    Kim Namjoon !
    Kim Seokjin !
    Min Yoongi !
    Jung Hoseok !
    Park Jimin !
    Kim Taehyung !
    Jeon Jungkook !
    BTS! BTS!
    We are a family army…. BTS and ARMY forever :3
    thanks for the likes!


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