Ninja Parkour


Ninja Warrior Parkour Extended Cut:

Check out Max Henry’s (our main Ninja) Free Guide to Parkour:

After we saw amazing success with the Deadpool Parkour video, we decided to follow it up with a more epic parkour video, featuring better stunts, jumps, vaults and free running. After a short time we realized the longer version of Ninja Warrior Parkour was unlikely to go viral due to the length of the two intro scenes. Here is the shorter version for the enjoyment of viewers who only want to watch parkour and have no interest in stories! We hope you enjoy it and check out Max Henry’s free guide to parkour.

We hope you enjoy this and we would love to hear your ideas for future videos!

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Director/Producer: Jonathan Hafichuk

Camera: Jonathan Hafichuk
Maurice Needham

Neil: Neil Berry

Ninja 1: Max Henry
Ninja 2: Doug Hoffman
Ninja 3: Maurice Needham
Ninja Extra: Graden Orr

Neil’s Brother: Jonathan Blackwood
Dojo Sensei: Lee Mein
Dojo Sparring Partner: Jordan “Young Gun” Mein

Editing: Jonathan Hafichuk

Production Assistants: Deanna Stull
Shay Riggin
Peter Fiorino
Liam Dunning

Costume Design: Marilyn Hafichuk
Jonathan Hafichuk

Deadpool: Jonathan Hafichuk

Special thanks to Lee Mein and CMC for letting us shoot in their location.

Filmed on location in Calgary, Alberta and in Lethbridge, Alberta.


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