Nintendo Sex Games!


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The world was so different in the ‘90s.

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Digging up the pop culture peculiarities and nonsense that exists in the darkness on the edge of town.


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  1. i played the SNES versions of those types of games but in ROM on Emulators since such cartridges are almost unexistant! tho i own a real SNES, i probably would not have bothered to try and get the real ones ;P

  2. you better thank Tengen Meanwhile, Tengen secretly worked to bypass Nintendo's lock-out chip called 10NES that gave it control over which games were published for the NES. While numerous manufacturers managed to override this chip by zapping it with a voltage spike, Tengen engineers feared this could potentially damage NES consoles and expose them to unnecessary liability.[2] The other problem was that Nintendo made frequent modifications to the NES to prevent this technique from working. Instead the company chose to reverse engineer the chip and decipher the code required to unlock it. However, the engineers were unable to do so, and the launch date for its first batch of games was rapidly approaching.

  3. How about an episode on the brief comeback? I remember playing BMX XXX on the GameCube, with uncensored topless nudity. Then the PS2 had some interesting titles like Leisure Suit Lary, and "The Guy Game" which was eventually banned as child pornography, because one of the girls in the Girls Gone Wild style clips turned out to be 17. Perfect opportunity to talk about the Hot Coffee Mod for San Andreas as well.

  4. We are actually making an adult rpg game! It is named The Legend of Versyl and avaiable for FREE at

  5. Completely misrepresenting these game and what they were. Clearly you or the individual that wrote this have ever come across these. Way to steal info from other resources.

  6. I'm sorry but as a computer security expert I can tell you that the copy protection is still terrible it's just better than it was

  7. "Super Maruo" from 1986 has actual sex in it. it's even less detailed than most of the games shown in this video, though. "Maruo"'s dick looks like a stick of dynamite.


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