Overwatch Top 5 tips for Improving Aim. Get the right sensitivity, learn about aim mechanics and more! This video will help you win more and rank up faster! Good for new players and beginners. #overwatch

Make sure to get correct sensitivity and settings:

Damage Falloff Video:

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  1. 🔵 Finding your correct Sensitivity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps8bZ_FjHBM
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  2. Custom game creation has been changed, but making a private game with hard AI bots can still be done

  3. Agreed with the taking breaks part. Am comp player for another game and regular breaks make you play so much better.

  4. Get a tac pro ahahah just kiding.
    Anybody interested in Lucio ? I have a great guide on my channel with lots of hidden spots for lucio!

  5. The custom Ana game for improving aim…does it not work anymore I have triple checked I'm on headshot only but the Ana's can kill me

  6. I guess my parents right about not to play games so long, probaly end up like getting headache, eyes geting fades away or maybe the eyes turn into square. I guess gotta take serious about the college hehehe!

  7. No need to change the skirmish setting to "single map," it works like that no matter what setting you use.

    Also I've found a better way to train accuracy. The problem with the skirmish bots is that they move very predictably (even on hard). They stand still, they move in a straight line, and they're overall much easier to hit than players. Here's how to get the bots to move much more randomly like an actual player:

    Custom game mode: quick play
    Pick any map with a capture point, like Anubis/Lijiang/Hollywood
    Add bots: 3 hard Ana's using the "both teams" option. This will result in one on your team, two on the enemy.
    Headshots only
    Damage modifier: 25%
    Health: 300%
    Respawn: 25%

    These bots will stay on the point and move very randomly. Much harder to hit. The downside: it's less satisfying because you're not killing bots left and right. This training is about landing headshots, not killing bots. Try not to kill them both at the same time. Focus on one, then the other so the first can respawn.

    There's one more hugely important tip to improving aim. Only shoot when you're 100% sure you'll hit. Never spam while aim training. Even if it takes you a while to shoot. Think of it like you're gaining +.03 accuracy every time you land a shot, and -.01 accuracy when you miss. This trains your brain to know when shots will land. When you miss, think about why and how you could fix it next time (shoot faster, lower…ect). If you miss like three times in a row, stop shooting for like five seconds while continuing to track the target. Eventually your speed in targeting headshots will improve, while keeping very high accuracy. Don't forget to move evasively while trying to land 100% of your shots.

    This will carry over into normal games even if you take less time to aim. Shooting lots of shots against skirmish bots will also improve your aim, bu at a slower rate. The method I've described is by far the most effective method I've ever tried, and I've tried many. My accuracy improved so much more quickly compared to when I used to train against skirmish bots and spam.

  8. Then there's people like me that somehow get better at aiming when I'm about to pass out. Don't ask how or why I just do.

  9. The video has been out for 2 hours already
    only 500 views
    only 11 comments
    150k subs
    or maybe youtube mobile is really buggy


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