Path of Light and Shadow Preview


Path of Light and Shadow Preview

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  1. I assume your comments about the 2 player experience was based on playing using the 3-4 player board. (The 2 player board was a KS campaign stretch goal, I believe). So I wonder how the use of the tailored 2 player board might modify your comments about the 2 player game?

    And the above question raises a larger one… for (worthy) games that you shoot a KS preview video for, it be nice to see you revisit the final post-Kickstarter product. I.e. shoot a 5 min review (as opposed to "preview") of the final game. Of course I'm supposing that this second video would be only a few minutes long as you'd only be updating or adding to what you already presented in the preview video. But still, the bottom line is that it'd be nice to hear your honest "reviewer's" thoughts on thr final retail version of the game, as well.

  2. One thing about the game, it is called Path of Light and Shadow, not Path of Light or Shadow, or even Paths of Light and Shadow. Any player should be able to advance down both tracks simultaneously, where being higher in one determines whether you are cruel or merciful, and obviously focusing in one grants greater powers while taking an even keel provides flexibility. Perhaps there might even be a bonus for being perfectly balanced. I understand that the game rewards tempered play intrinsically in terms of deck construction, however, seems a lot of the points are tied up in being one or the other, so as a morality system it is a little broken (just sort of choose one at the start and stick with it).

  3. Two component comments… the current prototype game board and player boards are screaming for an upgrade!
    1. The game board simply appears to be too cramped and crowded given the epic story of the game. That board needs at least another inch or two on all sides, to provide a little breathing room and more expansive areas. Right now, the whole board looks like a cramped city center.
    I get that any change to board size usually necessitates a change to the box size. But it's worth examining.
    2. The player board's are screaming to be layered. Instead of sliding those status discs (or moving them by accident when they get bumped), it would be better to have wells for them to be placed in. The double layered player boards used for Hegemonic, Scythe, and the Centauri Saga expansion comes to mind.
    I'll have to checkout the KS page to see if perhaps these changes have already been suggested or implemented as stretch goals!

  4. Thanks for the great preview/review. Seems like a really interesting game and looking forward to giving it a go!

  5. Looks like a really interesting game. too bad that the kickstarter doesnt seem worth it (too me) unless you live in the US because of the high shippings cost 🙁

  6. The problem is this kinde of game has been over done lately. Scythe, Cry Havoc, bloodrage, Inis, tyrants of the underdark.
    And now with Heroes of Land, Air & Sea and this one it's getting flooded with this kind of game unfortunaly.


    I forgot to add Rising Sun to the list


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