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A playthrough of Panesian’s 1991 unlicensed “adult” poker game for the NES, Peek A Boo Poker.

Played though all of the “reveals” with Full House Francine. The strip teases for all three girls is shown at the end of the video, beginning at 33:46. Please be warned that there is suggestive dialogue and pixelated nipples.

I would hardly consider it pornographic considering how old and cartoony this is (hell, Titanic, a PG13 movie, revealed the same amount but as video), but for the helicopter parents out there – shield your kiddies’ eyes if you find purple pepperoni offensive. The video is merely meant as a document of play from an incredibly rare game, not as a way to vicariously live some sort of super-chauvinist fantasy.

This is one of three infamous, unlicensed Nintendo “graphic” games by the fabled Panesian. The card game itself is alright. It’s not anything that stands out for much of anything, good or bad. And, well, considering the type of the game this is, is a blessing. If you wanted to get porn via your NES circa 1991, you could only get this via mail order. If only you had stolen your parents’ credit card, you’d now be sitting (hopefully not literally) on an absolute fortune. Seriously, look for it on eBay! All three of the Panesian games go for absurd amounts.

But hey, that title screen music is awesome. Even if the blinking war is kind of terrifying.

No cheats were used during the recording of the gameplay. However, a cheat was used to show all of the cinema scenes at the end of the video.

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  1. I have a very "authentic" version of this game:
    It is a hack of its japanese counterpart: AV Poker, and some dumbass NOP-ed the cutscenes having absolutlely no porn content at all.

  2. Strip Poker for the Spectrum 48K is so bad it's funny I'm sure Microsoft Clippy was inspired by this game (try it and see), Hollywood Poker on the Amiga ruled though back in the day, because the game played a decent hand of poker and not just ladies undressing in HAM mode photos 😉

  3. And to think Bubble Bath Babes was the only one the American 8-bit console had. Famicom in Japan did have something similar, but more along a slider puzzle game(same kind you'd play in Bart vs The World) that played an ear-grating rendition of what you'd hear whenever you think of an Italian museum(I can't remember the name, but that music I'm mentioning was used in an episode of Animaniacs…the Michaelangelo's ceiling episode).

    All I can say is the same as Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty would…"sex sells". Who knew it actually would for what eBay pushes it at.

    I know Atari 2600 did make "adult" games before this. Still, its hard to believe unlicensed adult games on NES exist whereas the opposite would be anything Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree made. Only difference, CD/WT was Christian-based games. Kind of a yin & yang in the unlicensed market.

  4. It's pretty hilariously tasteless and totally non-pornographic, but it offers a surprisingly solid game of video poker!


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