Peninsula — Cities Skylines: Nydal — EP 32


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# About Nydal
In this series I will attempt to create a European-inspired city, not based on any one country or style but featuring a strong mass transit network and realistic looking road layout with a strong attention to detail.

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# Music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Just a tip, concrete roads aren’t that common in Europe, at least not in the nordics or Western Europe. We use asphalt

  2. Try to get a 2 medieval castles ,one in a hill the other youll decide.. for the tale of two families and their historical Rivalry

  3. how does the game know that the citadel is a tourist attraction ? I mean I know, as a person that castles are pretty, but how does the game know to send tourists there ?

  4. Its actually funny you mentioned trees on top of building because in real life architectural renderings, the artists will sometimes place trees and other greenery on-top of and on the building to make it look modern and "green" and often times they will pace unrealistically huge trees on top of these building in the renderings, worse part is that few of these buildings are actually meant to incorporate greenery and most are built without it, save for this one tower in Milan (which has an asset for Skylines I think). Whats cool though is the way you set your trees up, is actually a semi-realistic way lol.

  5. I know this is just me being nitpicky, but I think it would add a bit more depth/realism… Have you considered using a darker line decal (or tram track decal) to connect the turn around of the tram area to the 2-way tram track where it abruptly ends? 16:18

    Love what you did though, its amazing what you can create. Its simply stunning!

  6. I cant load a saved game i spent 100+ hours detailling, I'm so sad right now. I know some pple in the chat can relate… maybe some mod or asset broke it, idk…. i dont know what to do with my life now :/

  7. 3:42 can these buildings be inhabited by people who walk into them and out of them? can people walk through the roads you put near the coast? I want to know if I'm going to mod this game or not

  8. I kind of agree, those trees look out of place up there.. maybe you could turn those little gardens on the roofs into super elegant cafes, like with huge white umbrellas (if there is such an asset). Also, regarding the buildings we see on the left of the bridge at 16:51, I think you should enhance their colours! It would give them much more character.
    Overall, it was a great episode, as always 😀

  9. This is giving me lots of Ribeira do Porto vibes. I love it! A D. Luís bridge type model would look amazing there.

  10. If it was real I would really want to go on vacation there. nice city you've been building, I really like it

  11. I don't entirely get the thing with the damaged concrete road simply because it just makes me think that they just poured pure concrete on top of the brick path which doesn't really make sense and if the bricks were supposed to be on top of the concrete road then there's no way it would be that badly damaged. It does look good but it just makes me feel a bit weird

  12. what do you think about a new project on Planet Coaster? Because there are many nice DLC. Please make an new Project 🙂


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