– Factorio Inspired Minimalist Factory Game, First Look, Let's Play, Ep 1


Inspired by Factorio, has some unique and fun game mechanics: let’s check them out! Buy on
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A huge thank you to Tobias Springer for providing me with a game key!


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About is a game about building factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Deliver the requested, increasingly complex shapes to progress within the game and unlock upgrades to speed up your factory.

Since the demand raises you will have to scale up your factory to fit the needs – Don’t forget about resources though, you will have to expand in the infinite map!

Since shapes can get boring soon you need to mix colors and paint your shapes with it – Combine red, green and blue color resources to produce different colors and paint shapes with it to satisfy the demand.

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  1. i found out about this game recently, it's amazing and whats even more amazing is that its open source xD the only thing that pisses me off is i cant Q to copy the building im hovering at. seeing as most people come from factorio, that Q thing should be a given

  2. well … just bought this game … I already play hundreds of hours per Factorio map … RIP any free time I have now .

  3. lol alt+w is not my main issue for the browser. the main issue for me… first rips in chat. for me is somehow the save file gets corrupted.

  4. 7:48 it took me forever to realize you could use them like that, the tooltip implied it was for mixing tracks or something, which I didn't really see the use of.

  5. Try playing this game called mindustry it is like factorio mixed with tower defence it is really fun and the mod potential is really good plus it needs more people to play it. Mindustry is compatible with mobile and pc

  6. Is it just me who thought the person playing this kept making their factory really inefficient and unnecessarily complicated?

  7. Kat, once again, watching you play this inspired me to buy it (standalone version, not Steam). First, it was Slay the Spire. Now this. Unfortunately, viewers of my channel are no longer interested in puzzle-based games so I'll be playing Shapez on my own time. Thanks again =)

  8. Two days ago I was recommended this video, and since then I've been borderline addicted to this game. I am both thankful, but also a bit upset, that you made this video. The game is fun, but if you're not careful you might end up time-skipping too far ahead into the future.


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