Sleep Aid VOL 3 [Background/Study/Work] – 12 Hours of Game Grumps Laughter Compilations [UNOFFICIAL]


Other than flashing my hot pecs, Sleep Aid Volume 3 is probably the #1 request I’ve received in life. Wait no more… it’s finally here! Danny & Arin’s uncontrollable laughter for 12 hours calms, brings joy, and is SO relaxing. A lot of folks tell me they use these for background noise to relax, study, work, etc. I like it for sleep. However YOU use it, I hope it brings you lots of joy!!

Volume 1 –
Volume 2 –

If you’re new to these, this is a compilation of existing compilations of mine. In order, they are:

0:00 – Ocarina of Time Laughter Compilation
2:19:54 – Sonic Adventure DX Laughter Compilation
3:57:22 – Dead Rising Laughter Compilation
4:55:34 – Trauma Center Laughter Compilation
5:54:14 – Shovel Knight Solo & Co-Op Laughter Compilations
7:10:17 – Sonic Boom Laughter Compilation
8:28:44 – Stories Mega Compilation

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the name of the organization app arin was talking about in the dead rising part? I forgot what he said thirty minutes later when i remembered i wanted to check it out

  2. Oh cool, something to sleep to.

    Yeah, fuck you. Not cool.

  3. 11:08:09 I have no means of being racist if that's what you would call it,

    but he looks like a mexican soccer player
    and it's adorable :3

  4. I just adore the shovel knight series because it's nothing but Arin and Dan annoying the crap out of each other. Especially Dan with his HELLOOOOOOOs and INFINIDAGGERRRRs

  5. This, in no way, has helped me sleep. I was legit sleepy before putting this video. Welp, there goes my sleep schedule I painstakingly tried so hard to get back on track. XD

  6. OTHER PEOPLE LISTEN TO GAMEGRUMPS COMPS WHILE GOING TO BED?!!!!??? bruh, i've just been auto-playing compilations before i sleep, this is some 21st century shit right here lol

  7. I have really bad anxiety, so I chose this to help me sleep, but the ads keep coming on and being like HEYA BITCH!

  8. I think it’s bc I’ve relied on game grumps to calm me down since like middle school,, but these give me something to fixate on and keep my thoughts from racing. Super helpful w my adhd and insomnia. thank you!

  9. I know it’s titled sleep aid, but I play this during my work day & my coworkers thought I was on crack. I couldn’t stop giggling but it made my day 10X more enjoyable.

  10. I just realized I've been to a Famous Daves in like… the middle of Assfuck, Idaho, 6 years ago. That was an unexpected memory.

  11. 4:10:01 “there’s a children’s store here. UUUGH” as he smashes a zombies head idk why but it’s so funny

  12. Having anxiety and depression makes sleeping really hard, but these make going to sleep so easy and comforting…and hilarious. Thank you for these ❤️

  13. As someone who struggles with erectile dysfunction, these videos give me a thunderous erection thank you for making these.


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