Sleepy Danny Moments – Game Grumps Compilations


A series of moments, captured when Dan is at his most delirious. All aboard the train to Sleepytime Junction!

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  1. Watching this after having pulled two all-nighters within the past week, all while having a screwed-up sleep schedule. It’s just dump and sleepy enough that I’m keeping up with it.. and somehow my grammar is not shit.

  2. Dan: And then a hero comes along… With… The strength… To come along…

    God they played that song so much.

    😂😂 That's a whole ass mood. I feel you, Dan. They played that song way too much

  3. If anyone is interested in what the first riddle actually is and haven't heard it before here it is: You are trapped in a room with two doors. One door leads to heaven and one to hell. Once you open the door you must enter. There are two other people in the room with you. They both know which door goes where, but one only tells the truth and the other only lies. How would you figure out which door goes where?

  4. My mind throughout the whole compilation: Man, someone give Dan a blanket, pillow, and a stuffed animal to cuddle with, the poor guy's about to pass out from exhaustion!

  5. Anyone know where I can find a clip of Dan dozing off while playing paper mario, or maybe the episode number?

  6. All this can make me think of is
    very softly Someone’s taking a train to sleepy time junction
    Someone’s so tired he can barely function
    Sleepy time junction is so near!”

  7. Literally started watching this episode at precisely 3am entirely by accident and heard Danny say "it is 3 in the morning". The immersion is real.

  8. watching this makes me really want to see them play another pokemon game all the way through again BUT THIS TIME they should do a nuzlocke

  9. The flu at 2 am and this makes me happy. Thank you GG for always making me feel better when I feel like the scum that gathers on the wall of an aquarium. On behalf of us all… Thank You 😊 🙏

  10. ARIN: why are you just saying words all of a sudden man.
    DANNY: giggle giggle it's the classic way to create a sentence

  11. Would you have a problem with pulling up your pants so I wouldn't have to see 7/8 of your butt crack

  12. The fact that he went.
    "Keep us alive and and and and and and-" only to be followed by "SHARP!" gets me everytime, the irony in his humor is my favorite thing

  13. I'm sorry but I think that Game Grumps + exhausted is my favorite state of game grumps only because of barley coherent comedy with the hysterically laughing at themselves.
    I dont know why but its fantastic 😀


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