The Creatures Of Game Of Thrones !


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  1. Every house should of had a beast Lannister have lions Stark's direwolves greyjoys krakens Targaryens dragons baratheons giant stags to ride and house arryn giant eagles house tyrells giant snakes house dorne tigers house Tully giant crocadiles white walkers giant spiders and polar bears

  2. The kraakens are one of the few (story factual) creatures we have not seen yet. We know they exist in the world of Westeros and not just myths like mermaids, snarks and grumkens since Varys even reports to the small council "a kraaken pulled down an Ibeneese whaler taking all hands with it" or something similar. SPOILER! GRR will end Euron's story with the words "the great kraaken reached its giant tentacles around Silence and pulled it under, the end"

  3. i thought manticores were those lion+scorpion+bat creatures … not big scortpions O_O – dont wanna be saying this is wrong but i played a lot of witcher, so i know my mythical creatures very well!

  4. All those mythical/fantasy creatures should definitely appear on the show, lions should appear by Lannisters side, a huge kraken should appear by Euron's side, DIREWOLVES SHOULD BE BIGGER and if Howland Reed comes up (which I really want) he should have a big lizard lion with him…

  5. Really George, you refer manticores in your ASOIAF world as scorpions instead of say ohhh I don't know those fucking lion creatures that have horns, dragon-like wings and a scorpion tail ?!? C'mon Martin you have dragons for crying out loud don't introduce something like manticores only for them to F#%$ing scorpions you might as well refer Griffins as a species of birds

  6. What about Falcons the sigil of house arryn whose history says that the house was founded by Ser Artys Arryn, the Winged Knight. He is said to have flown atop a giant falcon, landing on the topmost mountain of the Vale, and defeated the Griffin King, the last of the First Men Mountain Kings. ……

  7. So… Mammoths were 20 feet or 6m. That means Balerion would need to have a neck alone 12m broad, I imagine Balerion to be at least 800 feet or 240 metres from snout to tail.

  8. Remember season 4 episode 6 during Tyrion Lannister's trial Grand Maester Pycelle is listing poisons that had been stolen from him and basculas venom was one of them. maybe they could still be relevant in the series to come.


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