The Real Mythology behind 5 Game of Thrones Creatures


With the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale now in the books, this might be a good to take a closer look at the real world Mythology and Folklore that inspired George RR Marin’s novels, and fantasy fiction in general. In this video, I will breakdown the mythological origins of 5 Game of Thrones creatures or races.

If know of any other mythology that may have inspired Game of Thrones, tell me what it is in the comments below, and let me know your favorite fantasy creature in the show and novels.

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  1. Hello Everyone! I addressed this in an earlier comment but I've continued to get a lot of comments stating that Daenery's Dragons are actually Wyverns. Just to clarify a bit, I was aware of Wyverns before making this video but decided not to mention them for several reasons:

    1. George R. R. Martin has gone on record stating his Dragons are Dragons, not Wyverns.

    2. The rule of Dragons having 4 legs, 2 wings and Wyverns having 2 legs, 2 wings, only applies as a hard rule to Heraldry from around the 1500s onward, and also only in British Isles countries. Dragon mythology in Western Europe, and specifically in the British Isles goes back much further than the rules regarding Dragon and Wyvern legs, and there seems to be no set rule regarding the number legs in earlier mythology (at least that I can find). For instance, the word "Dragon" or the equivalent in various languages, is used to refer to many of these Dragons depicted in manuscripts from the middle ages ( ), and while several are from the British Isles, there is a lot of variety regarding the number of legs they are depicted with.

    3. Because George R. R. Martin has stated they are Dragons, I didn't want to piss off his fans by implying his Dragons are something other than what he says they are.

    Regarding the last point, had I known so many people would bring up "Wyvern-gate", I would have at least addressed the issue in the video. I didn't anticipate it would be such a sticking point, so I regret not mentioning them in the video now.

    I welcome any disagreements regarding the classification of Daenery's Dragons. So if you do believe they are Wyverns, let me know why in the comments below.

    Thanks for watching.

  2. The biggest mythology is Serbian mythology. Villas, dragons, vampires and all greek and roman Gods are from Serbian mythology.

  3. Wight's don't resemble anything close to the honored dead of Valhalla. They most closely resemble draugr. The name wight is from an actual part of Germanic lore which is a natural spirit of the earth. way off on some of the mythology.

  4. About the White Walkers, you are forgeting Draugr's. The Nordic corpis of soldiers who died at see and or on the battlefield.

  5. Hi i really enjoy your knowledge of world mythology i study it my self n love to hear many aspects n perspective of all walks in life its always surpising n beautifully to listen too i was 4 yrs old when i heard my Irish folklore n from there i constantly devour mythology n its origins n it always relates back to Africa first with Egypt n so on im 35 im just a housewife but i love mythology n how it always trace back to our oldest conient Africa rite on the northern border Egypt always a pleasure to watch ur work n there is still magic left here in modern times love n stories a good storyteller was always respected n loved by all.

  6. One thing I read about the origin of dragons in mythology that always stuck with me (aside from the obvious likelihood of people finding dinosaur bones) is that they represent a synergy of two of humans' oldest and deepest fears: Serpents and wolves. A lot of legends of dragons in a lair menacing a village, then being hunted by a mob or a hero mirror stories of a lone wolf preying on a village. Look into photos and you can see some Medeival depictions (of the 4 legged variety) are very canine with wolfish heads. I thought it was interesting, and never put together before why some Medeival art looked that way. There is of course the Daconian dragonwolf banner, which is unique as an intentional blending of those two sigils. I've looked into it because they are among my favorite creatures 😊

  7. kashchey the immortal HAS to be at least a visual inspiration for the Others on GOT. He looks 100% like one of the white walkers, albeit it skinnier and not frozen

  8. The only thing I don't agree with is the title. You can't say "the REAL mythology". Better to use the words "actual" or "original". Mythology is not real otherwise it would be history.

  9. LOVE mythology. I’d love for you to cover Celtic mythology, then Norse mythology,etc. That would be incredible


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