Top 10 Mythology Video Games


As our more frequent viewers probably already know, we love diving into mythology. Greek, Persian, Malaysian, Japanese, Hindu – the list of the many mythos we love to explore is quite extensive. Our appreciation for mythology isn’t just delegated to Top10Archive. Like many of our viewers, we also enjoy dabbling in fictional and exaggerated versions found in a large selection of video games. This list of ten is among our favorites when we need our mythology kick… but don’t feel like reading.

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10. Tomb Raider
9. Max Payne
8. Titan Quest
7. Dante’s Inferno
6. Darksiders
5. Okami
4. Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei
3. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
2. God of War
1. Age of Mythology

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  1. What is your favorite God of War Dad Joke?

    Boy: "What are we hunting?"
    Kray: "You are hunting for deer."
    Boy: "Where should we look?"
    Kray: "In the direction of deer."

  2. They need to make a rpg game in the Greek mythology world and similar to Skyrim gameplay, it would be great if done right 😩

  3. Please Play Test my game: Myth of Manticore available on itch and gamejolt under Mafuta Games.

  4. You missed someone… Someone that always waits you in a maze… Its not a maze its a labyrinth… Plus it's in crete…
    That man is a beast… He waits in Assassin's creed odyssey… It's the…

    M I N O T A U R

  5. I don't like god of war because he thinks God's can die they sort of can when they do they return stronger but in this game kratos kills em all

  6. What about smite or hand of the gods? 7 different pantheons are included in them, whereas some of the games here mentioned don't really revolve around mythology, rather reference it.

  7. I feel like Resident Evil: Director's Cut should've been here as it made use of Greek Mythology and Genesis:
    Neptune- Shark creatures in game
    Cerberus- Dog creatures in game
    The Christian's beliefs of Adam & Eve are used for passwords and three separate bible verses are needed to unlock a door.


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