TOP 5 Otome Games


Dandelion: (For PC and Mac)

Amnesia Memories: ( Google Play)

Also for PS Vita

Nameless : ( For Mac and Pc)

Seraendipity next Door: (google play)

Hakuoki: (google Play)

(Premium) (best and longest version for 32 €)


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  1. I really love Nameless,I haven't finished Dandelion yet but it's really nice too
    I really admired cheritz games
    I miss the boys (Lance,Yeonho,Yuri,Tei,Red)

  2. OF COURSE AMNESIA was there, it was a beautiful plot story that i've played. And which one is better mystic messenger or nameless? i wanna play it

  3. Hakuoki and Amnesia are better on vita. Hakuoki is available literally almost everywhere lol psp, vita, ps3, 3ds and now coming to pc. Amnesia is pc and vita

  4. wow #Dandelion Game is really awesome and fully entertaining and is available on google play
    Download Link:

  5. Aaaaahhh the Wizard ;^^^^; Cheritz HAS to keep making these great otomes <3 I finished Mystic Messenger with all the secret scenarios andddd I cried so frigging much ;AAAA;

  6. Ich hatte die Hoffnung schon fast aufgegeben das du keine Video's mehr hoch lädst
    Mann, jetzt fällt mir ein Stein vom Herzen


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