Top Free to Play Steam Games (2019)


Colt sits down to show off the Top Free to Play Games on Steam as of April, 2019.

0:39 – War Thunder

1:55 – Ring of Elysium

3:18 – Paladins

4:31 – Path of Exile

5:57 – Team Fortress 2

6:52 – Warframe

8:05 – Counter-strike: Global Offensive

9:28 – DotA 2

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  1. Im glad seeing this channel is still alive, this channel guys been forever, i remember i first discovered it 2008 or something lile that, they presented Gunz The duel

  2. For anyone intrested in absurdity and just plain long, I reccomend the 2d side scroller (and free) game called BirdGut. It's pretty unique and almost entirely made by one person and the music is great, I love this game. And you should play it. JUST GO PLAY IT ALREADY YOU MORON!

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  5. Dirty Bomb is one of my favorites. It's impossible to get bored with it. It's an F2P objective based FPS with about 20 Mercs to choose from. Still has more than enough pop to have fun.

  6. lets be honest steam wouldn't be steam if they had "quality control" thats why there is a user review/rating system, one of the best qualities about steam is it gives indie developers the ability to get their games out there on a massive platform for free. If you think the triple A developers have your best interests at heart you are delusional its indie developers who are going to preserve the actual art in game development instead of cashgrabbing us all to death every chance they get like the triple a dev teams..

  7. el dota es de argentinos xD sobrevalorado muy lento para mi gusto y vv esa madre xD sin mencionar que ganas por que los demas no saben jugar no mames que heuva
    F dotta xD

  8. Dota 2 Is The Worst Game Ever Created Its Hard Community Isnt Helpfull and its slow pasted and stole the idea from warcraft 3 mod its the worst game created

  9. "Another cool way to get redeemcards in 2019 is this one: pretty cool that it works!"

  10. Champion and minions in dota? cmon please, and roshan is a dragon? please look up the terms in the game before you make a video on a game. As a dota player a cringed a lot. I am close to being triggered actually.


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