Top hotspots that could spark World War 3


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This video brings you an analysis of possible flashpoints around the world, that might turn a small local skirmish into the next global war.
Find our previous video about the Arctic possibly becoming a new battleground for Russia, the US and China here:

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  1. India vs china would ignite a world war. Technically world war because of the population of the two countries

  2. you people need to get the damn story correct. Russia did NOT invade Crimea. nor did they TAKE Crimea from Ukraine. the PEOPLE of Crimea held a legal and an observed referendum to become annexed by Russia. the PEOPLE chose to no longer be a part of Ukraine, but chose to be a part of Russia. you need to look into the actual event and quit spreading bullshit propaganda started by disgusting groups like vice "news" who are nothing but lies in literally everything they produce. get your shit straight. and if you doubt me, do yourself a favor, and educate yourself on the actual facts. otherwise you are no better than a mouthpiece for the propaganda machine.

    slava Donbass

  3. you live in Israel ✡☢✡ Israel love the 💣💣🏹⚔🚀🚀🏴‍☠️🔥now people in the world 😈🤑

  4. China already won the first battle of WW III with the help of our politicians and unionized government employees the Corona virus ruined the economy.

  5. Jesus is coming soon. There are earthquakes all over the world 🌎. Flooding , rumors of war , every disease known to mankind , biblical plauge of locust and waters turned to blood 🩸. All over the world 🌎. This world 🌎 will be destroyed the second someone uses nukes , or with disease . See what nations has it. And biblical plauge of locust. GOD IS MAD AT THEM. 😡. War is murder of innocent people and children . God loves all his children. And tell us in the Bible to love your neighbor. Even in proverbs 6/6/ 19. Wish Jesus would come now. Ask forgiveness for every sin and repent amen 🙏. This is in your bible

  6. Didn't even say anything about China and India. One that is more likely to cause a world War than the ones listed?

  7. Wha my parents think im doing
    what im actually doing
    – memes if china and india goes to war
    -memes if usa or japan gets involved
    -memes if kimmy's korea gets involved
    -memes if russia reconvertes to the soviet union and joins
    -memes if germany invades poland out of sheer habit
    -memes if douthern states succeed out of sheer habit
    – how to beg for mercy in madarin
    -how to beg for mercy in hindu
    – Xi Jinping nudes for blackmail

  8. WW3 maybe a bad thing, but think of all the new video games and movies that will take place in that setting we will get… And the new memes straight from the battlefield.

  9. W W 3 has already started, this time the enemy are New World Order Marxist's. Have you noticed how your country has suddenly become over run by people of a different color or religion? Have you had people on the streets protesting things that, not to long ago you thought were normal? B L M being a good example. Do you ever feel uncomfortable in a restaurant because you are the only one of your kind that is in there? How many politicians are in your Parliament that are of a different skin color than your self? Yes the invading forces are among us and there numbers will grow.

  10. South China Sea . Bullies do not survive . Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini , Hirohito . And those that follow will be dealt with . Oh by the way ,I forgot Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Sung . Etc . Cold War just may have become "HOT" . Good way to kill COVID-19 and what ever they have to "offer" Bio warfare , it will be dealt with regardless . Best way to neutralize and kill a virus or viruses .

  11. maybe there was no ww2, maybe the war to end all wars is so huge, that it must have a few long break periods…maybe ww3 is just that dreaded conclusion.

  12. World War 3 will start in Ulster. The Irish/EU will overplay their hand in taking control of Ulster. Ulster declares independence. Ireland sends troops to take control. UK wakes up & sends troops to repulse Irish, Irish call in EU, USA supports UK, China supports EU, Russia takes control of all eastern europe..

  13. You cannot prevent Iran from having nukes when your comrade, Isreal producing nukes yearly; and now even Turkey urges to have some nuke as discovered in last videos. In my opinion the hotspot that triggers a world war in future will be a Natural disaster or space exploration.


  14. I can't say much about WW3, but I'm pretty sure WW4 will be fought with bows-n-arrows…sticks and stones … and will be fought by about 9 people. 😛

  15. Would you even classify most of these as world wars? It seems like major powers curb stomp other major powers


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