Wipeout The Game (Wii) [#1] – Drunk Play ft. Chris Evans, Johnny Saovi, & Ratgirrl


Chris Evans, Johnny Saovi, and Ratgirrl All compete against each other in this Drunk Play series of ABC’s Wipeout The game. Watch as as their bodies are smashed an contorted as they try their best to make through various obstacle courses.

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Powered by the Nintendo Wii.

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  1. 😂Poor Ratgirrl, that close up at the beginning was hilarious. Man, that game is brutal, those animations make them look dead and that endless abyss they fall into 😂😂good video

  2. Glad you all had fun still have my Wii that system still has value instant party machine.Gotta love those ragdoll physics.🤣😂


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