Ys: Memories of Celceta (ACTUAL Game Review) [PC]


cub takes a look at the latest PC Ys offering, the previously vita-exclusive Memories of Celceta!
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World-famous red-haired adventurer Adol Christin awakens in the unfamiliar land of Celceta, remembering nothing more than his name. Join Adol and his new friends as he embarks on an adventure to map the wilderness and reclaim his memories in this beloved action RPG from Nihon Falcom.

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  1. I got this game today on PC and frankly: I asked for a refund about an hour and half later.
    The reason: It's been over a year now since the port was released to Steam, and I don't think I can ignore the fact that I can't calibrate the buttons prompts of my XONE controller to work with the original set up of the Vita controls. Example: The Circle button is set to Button 1, which is the A button on the XONE controller.
    There's no way around it, you need to change this on the configuration settings BUT it's impossible. You try and try and the configuration just doesn't recognize the input at all.

    The worse part is that the "Default" setup of the buttons for the controller are freaking weird. Pause button on the fucking L3, Selec on the B in the controller (which is mapped to be the Square on the configurations I can't change), and even if I try to mess with the in-game configuration, the Button Icons are all messed up. Like I press the cancel to be the B button instead of A button, but in-game it will show me the A button instead because the "Circle" is set to be the Button 1, and button 1 is the fucking A on Xone Controller. It's so messed up I knew I wouldn't be able to play the game at all, and I love this game.

    I don't know WHY XSEED haven't ported this game with the normal configuration for the buttons as the PS VITA (Which is good, I usually just change the Triangle and Cross buttons to play), but no, every single main choice is weird for the port and sadly they force us a Configuration that won't work because it won't recognize a freaking original Xone Controller, a Controller made to work flawlessly with PC. It's so messed up that got me so angry I decided if I had to keep the game but not play it because in a freaking year they never fixed it and there's no workaround on it (I searched for an hour), I decided to ask for a Refund.

    And before you say it: No, Steam Big Picture won't work for it either and the Config File is encrypted, which means I can't "hard code" the configurations anyway.

    Maybe I'm seeing a problem here because I have this game on Ps Vita and I know how the buttons should work on the freaking Joypad, but fuck me the past 4 years I'm getting angrier with XSEED ports. Especially because the INSIST on putting the Configurations outside the game instead of inside meaning I need to ALWAYS close a game to change something important. That's lazy.
    At least I am able to change the controller setup without having messed up icons prompts on Ys VIII, as bad as the release was, they fixed all the issues of the game in a year.

    But the worst part is that I'm not angry, I'm disappointed. I've been eager to play this on PC for a year now, and as soon as I install the game this happens. Now I'll have to pay 7x the price of it on Ps4 because at least there I will be able to play without the controller prompt being shitty with me ¬_¬

  2. Subscribing to you solely because you use the 1-10 scale as people should. I get criticised for giving a game score a 6 only to have people ask me why the game is bad. 6 is above average, not bad by any means. I can’t stand the modern review score system.

  3. I like all the ys games. I just wish xseed would have done ys VIII granted it is now much better with the relocalization that NISA had to do. I kind of worry for Trails of Cold Steel III on the PS4 though since NISA got a hold of it for localization. I hope they don’t repeat the same mistake. I wonder why xseed didn’t stick with them for the localizations?

  4. For those new to the YS saga you can start playing any game in any order in each game theres little references to previous games but very minor and sometimes chars from older games appear but the main story of the saga is very simple and linear "your character is an adventurer named Adol Christin acompanied by Dogi (the blue haired guy)who travels from island to island ,continent to continent and always get involved in some mayor threat to the world in the place he ends up my first game was "the ark of napishtim " chronologically YS 6 and got 99% of the plot without having played any other game from the saga and now years later the only one i still did not play is 7 , amazing games and particularly i like more than final fantasies and the tales saga from namco this saga of games reminds me of the world of the "slayers" manga same air of magic and adventure in each game

  5. I forgot this was released and I fucking love this series I cannot wait to buy it one day but I have to get myself a gaming PC the older games can work very well but this one won't sadly

  6. I literally got a PSTV just to play this properly. It looks like I'll be getting it again! I love the Ys Steam releases.

  7. Really enjoying Ys MoC. Much better then Ys VIII. Honestly the only thing Ys VIII has going for it is the combat, music and graphics. It has hands down THE WORST story of any Ys game. I didnt even bother to finish trying to fight the Kraken Sea monster. There is no "grand quest" only a grand snooze fest

  8. Sweet review. I played and finished the PSP Ys game. It wasn't that great at all (I give it a 4.5 or 5.5 based on your rating scale) The combat was okay, the story was painfully generic / characters unlikable / but I've always had the strong feeling that game's in the low end of the Ys series and the others are probably better. This game looks SUPER FUN though gonna give it a go!

  9. A few questions:

    1) Is this a "where do I go" type game? That is, are there times during the game where you don't know what to do or where to go in order to progress? I hate games that do that as it drastically slows the pace, and it usually results in a lot of tedious backtracking.

    2) The base building (or whatever you want to call it) is the main reason I didn't bother getting Ys 8. I understand why people like it, but that type of metagame just isn't for me. Is there anything like that in this game?

    3) Are there sidequests? If so, how many, and are they necessary?

    4) Are there puzzles? If so, how frequent and how difficult?

    5) Is there a loot system? It looks like there are items dropping from enemies. What are they for? (possibly a crafting system?)

  10. This game is really great… I've been waiting to play Ys Memories of Celceta… There are so many graphical setting that you can change to get a desirable graphics when playing Ys Memories of Celceta… XSEED Games brings us another great PC Port Game… I can get more than 60 FPS playing this game on Medium Setting on my Low Specs Laptop… 😀 Here is the link: https://youtu.be/RKdg28Sq7yM

  11. Very nice review dude. Can you suggest a game for me? I have 50$ in my steam wallet, I got a 960 4GB and looking for a good story with good game play. Played almost all One piece, Naruto, and dragon ball games on steam, i really enjoyed those since they are what formed my childhood, looking for something different though, so can you please recommend me something that I could try out?

  12. Was this game a fresh release or was it a port of an existing older game? Not very familiar with the franchise. If it isn't a port then I just want to say this is it's 2018 and this game looks a decade back in time. Devs these days can make both great game play and a good looking game. Case in point, Ori and the blind forest, Stories: The Path of Destinies, Even warframe which is a free game looks better than this. FIve maybe six years ago I wouldn't have expected much from non triple A devs but the times are a changing and technology has advanced thus the bar as been raised.


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